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This is official. When your dentist knows that the best affordable vintage watches prices are passing through the roof, you can be sure that the low end of the market is perfect and the real tightening. But don't be afraid, the up-and-coming old-fashioned watch collectors, as well as old and mechanical enthusiasts - we contacted some of the top players in the old and second-hand world to find unwashed stones that are still there. Experts say that there are fifteen watches still undervalued and mature. Fundamentally, this seems to be a core consideration for most buyers. It is easy to overlook the fact that under them, they are beautifully crafted items that are fun to wear and enjoy, and often have good stories. The only jewellery item on how to make a watch as a real thing for men has been written in a few inches. This is certainly part of the story, but the biggest consideration is that the best affordable vintage watches are beautifully designed, so far, some The foundation of the greatest industrial design. In general, they are well made and often get an attractive patina (your mileage may change at the last point). It’s pretty good to wear Due to the relatively outdated and inefficient manufacturing methods used to produce the best affordable vintage watches, they feel very different on the wrist compared to modern watches. First of all, most old watches are smaller, which makes them more comfortable to wear on thinner wrists. This is an important factor in Asia. Owners tend to be slightly lighter than Europe and the United States, and are quite light because of their size. More compact. In addition, when they have bracelets, they are usually made of hollow rather than solid links, so don't weigh your wrists. In addition, the high-contrast, high-contrast design of the dial makes time very easy and is underestimated in terms of overall ownership. Of course, it is hard to ignore the fact that some people think that watches are a huge investment, and when people pay so much attention to the rise in prices, this is inevitable. The good news is that most people try to use it as an original commodity transaction that has no enthusiasm for the goods. It usually burns out the purchase of fakes, put them together or things that are in very bad condition, so they quickly withdraw from the market. What we left behind is "specollector" (a term coined by Simon Kidston so eloquently): a person who started with a passionate fan, saw the opportunity to make money, and is now stepping on the thin line of becoming a dealer The frequency of their transactions. This still represents a small number of buyers, but it is hard not to arouse the attention of these people and the psychology that drives them. Much of the growth can be refined into simple market supply and demand dynamics: there are many real-quality, most affordable old-fashioned watches on the market that have obvious origins (which will become more important in the future) with discretionary spending. Motivated buyers of the budget. Most importantly, the best “blue chip” watches exist in a series that is not powered, making them harder to obtain. Due to modern data processing, the current valuation benchmarks for these watches can be more transparent than historically, so they must be part of a more traditional portfolio.