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What are the key indicators of the best vintage watches quality? What I often discuss when getting advice on the best retro watches is 'ingenuity', and the watch must be completely original and the same idea that was created more than 30 years ago. This is a very important factor for some people, but you must consider that if the watch is regularly cared for and maintained during its lifetime, it will of course replace parts to keep it working. On the other hand, a completely original watch may be a watch that has never seen a service center. Having said that, the age signs of the original dial or strap (or other visible parts) can make vintage watches more satisfying. In addition to watches that may be of historical importance, I also said that conditions are still one of the most important factors driving value. The best mens vintage watches that have been carefully looked after and equipped with original boxes and certificates are indisputable. That is to say, collectors are now paying huge sums for the unique color-changing or “tropical” dial model that could not be sold 20 years ago.

What are the main signs of inferior vintage watches? One of the main problems with older watches is their poor service life. The low price of the best vintage watches opens them so that people can prove that the cost of buying a watch is reasonable, but when repairs are needed, they may not be willing to pay for the job. people. With this in mind, keep an eye out for poorly repaired or worn parts (such as bezels or crystals) that will make the watch unusable for everyday use. Bracelet watches (compared to watches with leather straps) can display their age if they contain precious (soft) metal. Make sure the bracelet is not stretched too much and the buckle is secure and secure. An over-polished or over-repaired case is not what any discerning old-fashioned collector wants, but most of the time it's a dial that determines the price tag, so the more honest and beautiful the watch (from when it leaves the factory) The better. The restored dial is taboo, the dial has been touched and the hand should be original. Many old-fashioned dials and hands have bright fragments or aging, and this glow is often reapplied and looks old, which is best avoided. As with any value you buy, the most important thing is to trust the retailer you bought from. There is no need to set a guide for what the watch itself should look for, and your interest should be at the dealer. How do they check the authenticity of the watch? Do they have a manufacturer's certification and allow them to do so? Do they provide a warranty on their watches? Have they been repaired or refurbished before they were sold? The thing I want to avoid is swimming with the finest retro watches: in addition to value, it is not worth the risk of any seawater entering. Also try to avoid wearing vintage watches when playing golf or mountain biking - these types of vibrations will make the movements not good. If you don't wear them for a long time, store them in a cool dry environment and every five years or Repaired once in ten years. Other than that, just enjoy them!