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Is it time to buy a new watch? These classic time-popular vintage watches may have been decorated with wrists thirty years ago or longer, but their retro cool elements have stood the test of time. From the digital in the 1980s to the truly evolving Timex, these watches have recently enjoyed a resurgence in both the women and men. You don’t have to spend the king’s ransom to sport one of the classic vintage watches. Leather strap or metal strap? Mechanical movement or quartz? Investing in your first watch is no easy task, but when it comes to detail, the movement and strap are just the tip of the iceberg. Compared to a wide range of complication areas, the basic style of watch anatomy is pale, and it can explain any other function besides displaying hours and minutes. Making your first watch investment certainly seems like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Rather than looking through the modern market for unique works that stand the test of time, all that everyone has to do is look back. Proven flexibility and timeless sophistication, the classic vintage mens watches is undoubtedly for new buyers who want to buy timepieces without hedging bets. Let me introduce you to a high quality classic retro watch. In terms of size, the reef tiger RGA8239 is another classic watch that is different from other vintage timepieces. The RGA8239 is based on an oversized dial and is known for its contemporary design. The reference has been dubbed "Grand Calatrava", like the connoisseur's favorite John Goldberg, the unparalleled watch collector's own 440-page book of the best Patek Philippe steel watches. Not surprisingly, the reef tiger RGA8239 was unveiled in a comprehensive survey by Goldberger. New buyers may find that some old-fashioned Patek models made of steel are more valuable than gold, which is surprising. Steel is not the most precious alloy. This is true when the RGA8239 first debuted in 1938, but reef tigers produced very few steels, making them extremely rare. Of course, steel also means that the watch is very durable. This is indeed a classic retro watch that is perfect. A good watch is not only a timing machine, but also has its own collection value.