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Careful attention. I began to carefully disassemble and inspect every mens vintage watches. This check will determine if a watch is worth repairing (many watches are not), and they are very worn or damaged and cannot reach the quality I provide. Only then will the repair work begin. The case is carefully sanded and carefully treated (including the appropriate brushed surface), paying close attention to the original contour of the case. One of the easiest ways to ruin a beautiful vintage watch for men (especially a gold watch) is to accidentally tuck it into the polishing wheel, polishing the edges and details. After this arduous process, they were thoroughly cleaned inside and outside the ultrasonic cleaner. Original or restored dialing may be one of the hottest topics in buyer discussions. Yes, the original may be "better", but how important is it if it catches the eye? In practice I always keep the original dial, which is clearly stated in my description. Unfortunately, the aging or damage of many dials is too serious and unattractive. These dials feature original patterns, original dials and original-style finishes, which are carefully restored to their former glory. Occasionally, something more exciting, such as duotone or modern color, is always available, but their original numbers are always used. All movements are inspected by trained and certified watchmakers with more than 30 years of experience. Each sale of mens vintage watches is completely disassembled and cleaned using an ultrasonic watch cleaning system. Before using the Timegrapher to assemble, check them again before applying oil and adjusting. Only genuine brand name parts can replace damaged or damaged parts. Only after completing this extensive work can you reassemble each watch with new or original scratch-free crystals, appropriate new gaskets and premium straps with buckles. Then go through a three-day rigorous bench test to get the proper timing and functionality before you sell. If you are a casual buyer (or a serious collector) looking for a unique history, you won't be disappointed with your purchase. Unlike many vintage watches offered by our sellers, our watches have a 15-day money back guarantee. If you don't like this watch, please send it back to the refund (free shipping) with no problem at all. So simple. In addition, each men's vintage watch has a one-month mechanical warranty (not including damage caused by the wearer; water damage, falling watches, etc.). Whether you are a stubborn collector or casually looking for a buyer, something special for your wrist, you deserve the best, treat yourself to the best mens vintage watches