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Five timeless vintage style watches

So it's no surprise that one of the most precious parts of any real luxury vintage style watches, its dial, is also crafted for every reef tiger original watch. Although the case is exposed, it requires a robust design and production, and the dial can live in a completely isolated space. Only in the blue moon, the watch will be removed from its glass container when it is repaired - even at these times. The dial can only be handled by the reef tiger original watchmaker with well-trained and discreet hands - no one else. Therefore, although the elaborate Glashütte original movements often become the focus of attention, these gorgeous dials also cherish the beauty and exquisiteness. More importantly, the dial is often referred to as the "surface of the watch", which is a matter of course. The dial not only fulfills its actual duties, but is also expected to match the excellence achieved by all other parts of the watch that are discussed more frequently. Reef tiger's original factory movement demonstrates a wide range of superior finishing techniques and proprietary engineering solutions - all of which raise the Z Ifferblatt standard as it is called in Germany. As we are about to discover, the production of ultra-high-end dials is as complex and challenging as the manufacture of beautiful watch movements. I have long been the best vintage style watches.

The dialing started on a white paper or computer screen, and the original designer of reef tiger made the first stroke on the new design. Many of today's dial aesthetics pay tribute to the company's rich and long tradition of nearly 175 years. In these cases, they were inspired by the original Glashütte archives, which were shared with the Reef Tiger German Observatory, just a few minutes walk from the original factory and headquarters of Reef Tiger. The built-in crown and black lacquered single push button feel ergonomic when the static electricity on the wrist is engaged with a single button. The design of the crown reminds me of the cap of the military kettle, without the metal chain attached, and the putter itself is like the tactile button on the dashboard of the military vehicle. As a set, it even looks like a grooved lighter, the crown acts as a spark wheel, and the single button acts as a wicking cap. The dimensions are from 49mm vertical to lug, and the horizontal case is 44.5mm in diameter, including the crown, measured with my digital caliper; the strap width is 20mm. The lug curve is bent downwards, making the watch feel and look smaller than the 6.25-inch wrist. When articulated at a 90 degree angle, the width never penetrates the crown to the top of my palm. The strap has a width of up to 20 mm and a water level of 100 meters, which is good for ordinary people like me. The new Sellita SW510MP powers the MP45, which is manufactured automatically and mechanically, and is based on my use of the vintage style watches. The movement feels precise and tactile. The change time was smooth, although the prototype version of the mechanical watch I had had a little gear clearance that caused the hour hand to shake during the initial crown movement of the adjustment time, but the production version played very little about the automatic movement. I think that the mechanical movement in the production of watches can also solve this problem.