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Hunting vintage watches in Hong Kong From the backstreet of Kowloon to the high-end boutiques in Central, Hong Kong offers an exciting hunting ground for those seeking rare vintage timepieces. "Ah, I know where it is now," he said, and we stumbled across Nathan Road, one of the busiest avenues in Kowloon. A few minutes later, we came to the Sino Center, a popular shopping mall known for selling comics and video games - and I saw the strangest window display of any retail store I've seen. A bunch of vintage watches in Hong Kong, wrapped in protective gear, dozens of Patek Philippe timepieces, a variety of A Lange and Sohnes, Rolex submarines and a separate FP Journe, angry in a corner. This is the most advanced Hong Kong retro watch show I have ever seen. Rome, Hong Kong and New York are considered to be the main hot spots in the year of purchase. Rome succeeded because the Italians were passionate collectors; remember the beginning of the Paul Newman Daytona boom? Hong Kong is the largest exporter of Swiss watches, so it can be assumed that the size of the old-fashioned market will also be a big one. In a city where even the rich like to use public transport, the fun watch that peeks under the shirt cuffs is a subtle show of wealthy.

This time, Malik aims to make interesting stocks in the Hong Kong market once a year. This is our guide. God knows that you need a Hong Kong retro watch in Hong Kong. The threat of counterfeiting is real. If you don't know your year, you are likely to end up with a bad deal. Always gold. The best vintage watch dealer on Hong Kong Island is a single person at a small booth on Pottinger Street. Raymond Chung is a legend known for his knowledge and patience. His small iron box street shop is always busy with new and old customers. The clock has great English and I am very happy to see him work. He is the preferred maintenance staff for Rolex 工具 and tool watches; and there is always a bag of new high quality vintage watches in his store. The price of this vintage watch boutique is too high and is another complement to the growing trend of exclusive watch stores. You are squeaky, and the arrogant staff who got dyed hair gave him once. Their stock price is too high and is limited to a few Rolex submarines. Don't waste your time. Few people know more about Hong Kong retro watches than Ricky Chau. He has over 20 years of experience in watch collection and repair, as well as very loyal followers. His main business is to find high-quality authentic Hong Kong vintage watches for customers and carry out "simple" repairs. "Because of their technology, I entered the watch," he said. He can repair most watch brands (and the Le Coultre Atmos clock). But it will give you a discount on non-Rolex. “I feel a little bored with Rolex,” he said.